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Kissimmee Bay Country Club
2801 Kissimmee Bay Blvd,
Kissimmee, FL 34774 

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Gary M
“Seth explained what we were trying to accomplish  and why. I’m positive that if you want to play better golf, Seth can help you.”
Robin Treto
“Seth didn’t change everything at once or throw out the way I naturally wanted to hit the ball. He guided me through one thing at a time that would positively change my swing. I’ve dropped 12 strokes from my handicap.”
Matt S
“Seth is the best! He can quickly identify what is going on with my swing and help me to make changes with video and drills. He has improved my game significantly.”
Ron Askin
“I am very mechanical being an engineer and Seth is the first coach I have worked with who can explain how to improve my swing in terms I can understand and achieve sustained improvement!”


Golf Assessment

A FREE session to assess the current state of your game and your body to create a road map to your goals

Private Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions catered to each individual golfer.

Available in individual session or packs of 5,10, and 15.

Online Coaching

Access to your coach 24/7. Constant feedback, along with an archive of drills assigned and past lessons. 

Claim your free online swing analysis today.

On course Coaching

“I can do it on the range but not the course.”

If you struggle to perform your best on the golf course, on course coaching is a must.

Featured Applications

When paired with great coaching, technology, equipment, and assessments add more detail and convenience for students to make the most of their experience


STG students can handle all of their lesson scheduling needs through the MyPGA App. Billing and messaging their coach is all done in this one stop location.


After the TPI Physical Screening in your initial Golf Assessment, the MyTPI app is your home for all prescribed stretching and mobility regimens from your coach. 


Online golf lesson, 24/7 access to my coaching, and at a very affordable rate. 

Giving golfers access to high level coaching like never before.

Partnered with Club Champion

To provide you the VIP fitting experience

With over 35,ooo+ head and head combinations, they bring a tour level experience to you. Whether you are a scratch golfer or a 20+ handicap, club champion will find you the clubs that add precision and 10, 20, and even 30 yards to your game. 

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