Golf Assessment

Build your golf road map

A completely FREE session for you and Coach Seth to get a full picture of your current golf game and layout a plan to get you playing your best golf.

TPI Physical Screening

A 15-20 minute screening where Coach Seth will take you through a few tests. This is noninvasive and non strenuous process to gain more information to understand your golf game. 

Your body is the machine that is directly responsible for delivering the golf club to the golf ball. We need to understand how that machine works in order to use it the most efficient way. Far too often coaches make the mistake of trying to build perfect positions, but if a player cannot physically move that way, they will never achieve the results that both the player and coach are looking for.

Golf Swing Analysis

Understanding WHY unwanted results are occurring is the first step to creating a change. Video analysis and launch monitor data are extremely effective tools to help the coach deliver information to the player. The goal of this session is to help the student grasp why the ball is not flying in ideal patterns. Followed by the plan to changing the motion to produce the results they desire. 

Players receive a complete summary video within 24-hours from Coach Seth through the Skillest App. This video does not expire.