Featured Applications

Below are the descriptions and download links to the apps students are strongly recommended to use.

The MyPGA app is a scheduling and communication app for the golfer to use. With this app you are in control of:

  • Your lesson schedule

  • Your purchases ( Individual Lessons or Packs)

  • Communication with your coach through the messaging feature

  • Sign up for events

Add Seth Terpstra as your coach by searching the app or following link in the invite email from Coach Seth. 

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The Skillest app is a online and in person lesson platform for coaches and golfers. This app provides:

  • 24/7 access to your coach

  • Live zoom lesson options

  • Individual Session

  • Monthly Subscriptions (Basic or Unlimited)

  • Yearly Unlimited Subscriptions

  • Video Analysis, Drill Videos, and more.

Online golf lessons open the door to nearly unlimited access to your coach from your preferred location.

Click Icon to Download & follow me for a free swing analysis and zoom consultation.

The TPI Pro app is your hub for improving and understanding the mechanism that is your body. Your ability to produce any motion in your golf swing is dependent on your bodies ability to move. The golfer has access to the following:

  • All TPI Screening Results

  • All training and workout routines designed by your coach and/or trainer.

  • Body specific golf drills

Every student at STG will experience an initial TPI Physical Screening and this app is the best way to view your roadmap to improving the body. See TPI Screening page for more information 

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Clippd helps you understand your game to to the fullest. What is keeping your from playing your best golf? Is it really just that you missed short putts the last two holes? Or is it something else…

Clippd benefits: 

  • Understand your true strengths and weaknesses

  • Key areas to improve to lower your scores

  • User friendly data input, and incredibly detailed analysis

  • Communication with your coach

  • Off golf course test to constantly measure your game and your improvement

As a coach this helps me understand your golf game as if I was there playing with you. I cannot stress how valuable this program is to your improvement. 

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